Hope it Can Pass Through Valley Of Death!:Kenyans React After Kabogo Claimed That His Car Can Run Under Water

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has confirmed how flamboyant he can get when it comes to extravagant things.

During an interview with comedian Jalang’o, Kabogo said that there are so many unnecessary things he has bought in his life.

Kabogo revealed details of an amphibious car, which runs on dry land and under water.

“My favourite car amongst the ones I have is the amphibious one. The one that goes in and out of water. So it can swim and it can run on dry land. Nikichukua dem yako nitaenda, tuingie kwa maji uko wewe hauwezi ingia utazama lakini mimi nitapita,” Mr Kabogo said.

In addition to this, he says, he also bought a 12-seater private plane.

“I have tried many things. I have bought many things. To buy a plane to just to run around is not a nice thing,” he said amidst laughter.

Mr Kabogo also clarified that he has worked hard for his wealth contrary to public opinion.

“People want to be like Kabogo in three years, I built what I have for 30 years. From 1980 jasho, kwanza nilikuwa nimeajiriwa hapa Auditor General (office) as a government auditor, nikaona hiyo kazi ni mbovu,” Mr Kabogo explained.

He says, he then quit and went to work for an NGO where he earned Sh500,000 every month.

“Nikakaa hapo three to four years as a business advisor. Nikaanza kupanda nikakuwa financial controller, I was earning Sh500,000 this is in 1994. I was importing cars, 200 cars in a vessel faida Sh100,000 per car you get rich man. Na unashukuru Mungu.”

Mr Kabogo said that he is now living a better peaceful life and does not miss being a governor.

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