Mother Conceives Again Two Months After Giving Birth, Delivers Triplets

A 29-year-old UK mum identified as Sarah Ward and her partner, Benn Smith are now proud parents of four kids all welcomed in a space of nine months.

The couple first welcomed a son named Freddie but were shocked to be told in the hospital some two months later that Sarah was pregnant again with triplets.

The news of the triplets was a total surprise to the couple as they never expected it so soon.

In fact, they figured that it would take a long time before Sarah would conceive again since she had difficulties conceiving her first son.

Narrating the story, Sarah said:

“We wanted to have at least two children. Since it took so long with Freddie, we figured it would take about the same time, if not longer. “I was stunned to find out I was pregnant again so soon. I started to shake, I barely recovered with Freddie. I was still wearing maternity clothes. I was wondering how on earth I was going to cope.

The babies were delivered at 33 weeks through a caesarian session. Reacting, Sarah said she feels blessed even though looking after the kids could be a chaotic affair.

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