Wewe Ndiye Mwizi Mkubwa:Kenyans Roast Dp Ruto After Accusing Raila of Dining With Thieves

Deputy President William Ruto has hit out at the Azimio la Umoja coalition over their stand on fighting corruption.

Speaking in Sololo, Marsabit county, on Wednesday, Ruto said the Azimio leader has been dining with the corrupt and is even using the proceeds of graft to conduct campaigns.

“Stop the conmanship, you have no business giving us lectures on corruption while you are using corrupt money to campaign. You cannot be dining with the corrupt and giving lectures on corruption,” he said.

The DP claimed that Raila has been protecting governors who have corruption cases.

“Wacha kuongea mambo ya ufisadi, wewe ndio umezuia magavana ambao wameiba pesa za umma. wanakuja kwako unawaficha ilimgawane ile pesa wameiba,”Ruto said.

This loosely translates to; “Stop talking about corruption while you are the one protecting governors who have stolen public money. You protect them so that you can share the money they have stolen.”

He added; “Today Kenyans are complaining, the IMF is complaining, the auditor general is complaining, Covid money, Sh10 billion and Sh65 billion from IMF got lost under the watch of the handshake government.”

The deputy president’s remarks come at the backdrop of attacks from the Raila Odinga-led Azimio coalition over what they claim is Ruto’s lack of a plan to tackle corruption.

The leaders claimed that in his manifesto, the second in command had not indicated how he intended to fight graft.

The Raila coalition in a statement said the manifesto was punctuated by empty promises, slogans and handshakes and it missed conspicuous issues facing the nation which is corruption.

“Kenya Kwanza is the home of the largest collection of questionable political characters this country has ever seen. Under its large tent reside convicts and suspects of economic crimes and corruption against the people of Mt. Kenya,” read part of the statement.

Raila claimed Ruto has been implicated in many economic crimes and acts of corruption.

“It is no wonder Ruto and Kenya Kwanza have no agenda or plan to address corruption, the number one impediment to the development of our country. Nothing will ever go forward in this country without slaying the dragon of corruption.”

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