Church gives certificate to female members after successful virginity test

Female members of Nazareth Baptist Church could not hide their excitement and pride after being issued certificates to testify that they had gone through the virginity test and passed.

The virginity test is an annual event initiated by the church located in South Africa which sees young ladies from the age of 18 years and above being examined by a specialist to ascertain whether they are virgins or not.

The purpose of the initiative is to instill morality in the youth and to avoid teenage pregnancy, among other sexual immorality-related predicaments.

Reports say the test is usually conducted in the middle of every year, so the certificate, which is signed and issued by the leader and founder of the church himself, becomes invalid by the middle of next year when the next virginity test is conducted.

This year’s edition of the virginity testing event was held on the 4th of July, 2022.

The successful participants had white marks inscribed on their foreheads to indicate that they had gone through it successfully.

Photos of some successful participants holding and displaying their certificates gleefully have been uploaded to social media and have since sparked mixed reactions, with some people lauding the church’s initiative, while others wonder whether there is a similar one for the male congregants.

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