Kidnapping Yourself Only To Party:Student Arrested For Conning Parents Ksh50k

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) student was yesterday arrested by the police after faking his own kidnapping in a plan to get free money from his parents.

Edwin Kamau, a student at Makindu Medical Training College, is said to have gone into hiding last Sunday before blocking his father on the phone and then went ahead to call his mother saying he’s been kidnapped.

According to the reports from the Director Of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the boy told his mother that his kidnappers wanted a ransom of about Ksh 70,000 for him to be released.

“His distraught parents reported the matter to police officers who immediately launched a manhunt for the kidnappers. However, the calls persisted with Kamau telling his mother that his kidnappers were on the verge of eliminating him,” the DCI statement reads.

In an attempt to help their son’s life, they sent Ksh 10,000 as part of the ransom and promised to send the balance later not knowing that their son had his own plans, he used the part of the money to entertain a mchele babe at a club in Thika town who later spiked his drink and robed him.

“Immediately Kamau received the initial Ksh.10,000, he went to a club in Thika to irrigate his throat and make merry in the company of a babe he had met. And as fate would have it, the woman turned out to be a pishori admin who laced his drink with an unknown substance and stole the cash,” DCI said.

After he regained his consciousness, the boy called his parents saying that his ‘abductors’ are demanding Ksh 40,000 which they sent.

He was not aware that police were already tracking his number.

He was arrested and was taken for questioning where he claimed that he was trying to raise last semester’s fees which he had already squandered.

At the time of the arrest, he was found with Ksh 38,600 stashed in his shoes.

He is detained at the Kayole Police station waiting for arraignment in court.

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