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Public toilet closed as gods demand 5 humans as sacrifice before it’s opened

Nigeria_A 32-seater toilet facility built for the residents of Ampabame No-1 in the Ashanti Region remains closed because a river god is demanding 5 human beings to be sacrificed before it can allow its commissioning.

According to a priestess serving the Tano gods, guardians of the Bomofia stream which is close to the toilet facility, the deity is not happy with the constant dumping of refuse in the water body, hence the demand for a human sacrifice.

The said gods are also allegedly not enthused about the siting of the self-help toilet.

The construction of the toilet facility located in the Atwima Kwanwoma district started in 2005, but due to financial constraints, it was completed 15-years later. reports the assemblyman for the area, Richard Ofosuhene, as saying that the toilet had to be closed down because of low patronage, stemming from the demand of the gods.

He indicated that he would work with the elders of the community to perform the necessary rituals to pave the way for the commissioning of the toilet facility.

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