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Uhuru Reveals How He Blocked Attempts to Disrupt Raila’s Mock Swearing-in

President Uhuru Kenyatta has yet again divulged details of inside plans that sought to scuttle Raila Odinga’s swearing-in as people’s president after the controversial 2017 presidential elections.

In a meeting with a group of religious leaders from the Mt Kenya region on Friday, the President laid bare the intrigues that surrounded his government’s response to Odinga’s plan to swear himself in.

According to the president, the country was facing a delicate balance on whether to allow the exercise to proceed or to disrupt the meeting.

In an apparent reference to his deputy William Ruto, the President said a section of his allies had expressed reservations against the swearing-in.

He divulged that he remained firm in ensuring that there was no bloodshed and that is why he allowed the ODM leader to swear himself peacefully.

“When things were bad and some people went to swear themselves in, there are those who wanted me to send my soldiers but I stood firm and said no. I let them be and there was peace. I still reached out to them so we could talk,” Uhuru said.

“There was a lot of opposition to the talks by the chest-thumping team and even after I pleaded with them, they made it their job to always attack me.”

The revelations come hot on the heels of his acrimonious fallout with his deputy, Ruto.

The two who were bosom buddies no longer see eye to eye with the President having already endorsed Raila, Ruto’s main rival, for the presidency.

Uhuru divulged that he has remained steadfast in ensuring the country enjoys peace and stability even in instances where his associates were determined in taking risks.

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