You Said You Made Uhuru President,Then Make Yourself!,No Sympathy Votes!Kenyans Roast Ruto After Claiming That Uhuru Refused To Meet Him For Reconciliation

President Uhuru Kenyatta refused to meet for reconciliatory talk despite attempts by religious leaders, Deputy President William Ruto has said.

Ruto claims the meeting plan being spearheaded by Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit failed to materialize after Uhuru turned down a meeting invite.

“Bishops talked to me, they talked to the president. When they came back to me I told them I want to have a chat with my boss, but he refused. He flatly refused. He denied the bishop a chance for me to have a talk with him. Ask ACK bishop Ole Sapit,” he told KTN News in an interview on Thursday.

The DP made the remarks when explaining his alleged tiff between him and the president.

The DP while explaining the public spat between him and Uhuru said he has faced humiliation numerous times after falling out with the president.

He took a swipe at the ODM leader Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua saying they would not have persevered if they were in his position.

“I have been a very patient person. The kind of humiliation I have been subjected to by my boss, nobody could have taken it. If it was Raila or Martha Karua, they would have done drastic things already,” he said.

He, however, could not divulge finer details of what exactly troubled him.

Ruto said he would not wish to engage Uhuru in a war of words adding that he tried not doing so but the President has been pushing him to the corner.

“I have resisted as much as I could to respond to my boss. Many people say I have insulted President Uhuru Kenyatta. In fact, I have asked him directly that there is this story I hear I have insulted you. I asked him, can you produce one clip where I said something about you (Uhuru)? Such a clip is not there because I am a careful person,” he said.
Kenyans reacted;

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