Man With Several Degrees,Applied For Jobs 5000 Times But Rejected,Now Hawking Eggs

Despite possessing a masters degree and a horde of other excellent qualifications,Dennis hasn’t been able to find a job.

After finishing his first degree in 2013, Dennis found a job but decided to proceed and obtain a masters which he successfully did in 2018.

Since the time he bagged his second degree and a horde of other beautiful certificates, the young man who is 39 years old has been unable to land a job.

Narrating his story in a touching video shared on YouTube by Afrimax English, Dennis said he has applied to as many as 5000 jobs but has been unsuccessful in all of them.

To survive, Dennis who studied Economics and Business has turned to egg vending, selling boiled eggs and tomato sauce on the streets of Nairobi.

YouTube users react Mildred Maponga commented: “It’s a heart-wrenching story. He did what he was supposed to do. He is however resourceful and this is just the beginning for this young man. Africa has a way to do this to people. This is the reason for the brain drain and desire to live elsewhere for greener pastures. The creator is looking up and his journey has just begun. Thanks for sharing.”

Nchilungbe Hiekha said: “His time hasn’t come yet. He’ll make it big someday, and will be a very understanding boss, because he himself went through it all. Good things take time.”

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