Mombasa County Official Sprayed With Bullets,Motive Still Unknown

The family of a county employee, Taufiq Abdallah, has revealed the final moments their kin shared with his friends before his demise on Sunday, July 10 within Kuze area old town, Mombasa county.

Speaking to the media, Abdulrahman Amana, the victim’s uncle, intimated that Abdallah and his friends had slaughtered a goat on early Sunday morning before making plans to go to the mosque for Eid ul-Adha prayers. 

He noted that three armed gunmen appeared from nowhere on a motorbike and opened fire on the 27-year-old, shooting him multiple times. The attackers are said to have fled the scene, leaving Abdallah laying in a pool of blood.

Amana wondered about the motive for the assailants to end the life of their kin, whom he acknowledged, had a bright future. 

“Abdallah and his friends had made plans to go to the nearby mosque for Eid ul-Adha prayers before the incident occurred. We don’t know the motive behind the heinous act,” Amana stated, noting that the judgment is left in Allah’s hands. 

The family urged the police to expeditiously probe the matter and bring the suspects to book and not count out any possible lead. 

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