Kumbe Vera ni Shosh!:Uproar Online as Identity of Busia man claiming to be Vera Sidika’s son revealed

A man from Busia county has caught media attention as he insists that Vera Sidika is his mother and that she has been neglecting him since birth.

The man, who first claimed that Vera was his mother sometime in 2021, repeated his claim while speaking during an interview on the YouTube channel Ke Central.

“Mimi ndo Vera alikua anasema ati meaning I was born before she was born. No mi ni mtoto wake ana. Mimi ni mtoto wa Vera na siogopi kusema ‘mimi ni mtoto wako Vera Sidika’. (I am the one who Vera denied that I am her son claiming that I am older than her. I am Vera’s son and I don’t fear saying it ‘Vera Sidika I am your son’,” the man said.

He further begged Vera to invite him to his ‘sister’ Asia Brown’s tooth party that the socialite is planning to throw.

Asked who his father is, the man sensationally claimed that his dad is Otile Brown.

Who is Vera Sidika’s ‘son’?
Vera Sidika’s alleged son is none other than a comedian called Handsome Boy. He had been off the grid for a while but now he is chasing clout claiming the socialite is his mother.

Handsome Boy became popular through Churchill Show where he made cameo appearances. He also made appearances on Chipukeezy show before curtains came down on it.

Apart from being a comedian, Handsome Boy is also an online content creator. He is also Stivo Simple Boy’s best friend, both of them hail from Kibera slum.

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