Meet a man who ate 1 goat plus 2kg of rice all at once, his wife runs away

A Tanzanian man with the ability to eat 2 kilograms of rice and a whole goat at once has revealed that his wife left him for eating too much.

Saidi Msosi, who recently won a competition called Tonge nyama in Morogoro, also left people gawking at him in amazement because he had just finished 40 donuts in only 20 minutes.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Msosi said he visited the doctor and was told that he has a very large stomach unlike normal people and should continue eating more.

“I have just eaten 40 donuts in 20 minutes. I started eating three to four plates until I got to the higher levels,” said Msosi.

“I went to check and I was told my stomach was too big,” he added.

His wife ran for the nearest hills upon seeing how the man eats, and she also got tired from cooking too much food. At his house, he eats 3 kgs of rice and two whole chickens in a single meal, every day.

“I am a bachelor, I just hire young women to cook for me, then pay them money. For now, I am single, I don’t want another woman,” said Msosi.

For now, he can eat 10kgs of rice and a whole goat in a single meal.

Msosi has won so many eating competitions that he bought a plot and built a house from the proceeds.

Msosi, who amazingly weighs 72 kilograms, denied allegations that he uses witchcraft to win the competitions.

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