Facebook to allow upto five accounts on a single profile

Facebook to allow users to create multiple accounts. The move is aimed to reignite the user numbers which have been dwindling rapidly.  

Meta, more colloquially known as Facebook is looking for avenues to generate new user numbers. In a related attempt, the social media platform is testing a feature that will allow individuals to create multiple profiles from a single account.

Up until now, Facebook only allowed a user to create a single account. However, business accounts and public personalities were given the leeway to make multiple accounts.

If the tests are successful, Facebook is expected to allow users to create up to five additional accounts, with switching between them requiring only two taps.

The other accounts can be used to show the alter-egos of the users. These user profiles can be dedicated to myriad hobbies such as cooking, dancing, singing or simply talking to a close family or friends group. 

This way, Facebook is attempting to ward off competition from new-age rival platforms such as TikTok. The short-video platform has been a thorn in Facebook’s flesh for a long time. 

Facebook trying to reinvent the wheel can also be attributed to the dismal numbers it has been mustering in recent times. Earlier this year in February, Meta’s fourth-quarter earnings showed daily users declining for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, the company’s profit declined by eight per cent to $10.28 billion in the December 2021 quarter, from $11.21 billion in the same period a year ago.

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