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71-Year-Old Woman Shares Video of Herself After ‘Eating’ The Gym,Stirs Debate Online

A beautiful strong woman has motivated people on TikTok to stop being lazy and work on themselves.

Although she is currently 71, the fitness expert and coach is still very strong and her age hasn’t stopped her from lifting heavy equipments at the gym.

According to her, she cannot afford not to hit the gym at her age because she doesn’t want age to win over her body.

She went ahead to advise people to leave their beds and hit the road because it doesn’t pay to be lazy. The proud woman shared the video via TikTok @seniorcoach.

In her words:

“At 71 I cannot afford not to push myself. If you think you can just lay on your bed and not do anything you are going to be losing a lot. And remember it doesn’t take that long to just get up, get dressed and hit the road. Do something. You gat it?”


@project_pauline stated:

“I’m moving to Miami next week can you carrying my house for me so I won’t have to buy another one please .”

@crownedmelody534 reacted:

“Thank you so much ma’am!! This morning I’m feeling so lazy to get to workout but with this inspiring words I’m getting ready 2 dress up for my workout.”

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