Heartbreaking:Uproar Online As Teachers Excessfully Punish a Class 8 pupil for not scoring 400/500 Marks

The government has ordered a probe into an incident where a Class 8 pupil was allegedly severely punished for not scoring 400 out of 500 marks on an exam.

In a video that has been doing rounds on social media, the young pupil who was evidently frustrated, stated that he was contemplating dropping out of school because he could not take the pain anymore.

The unidentified student further stated that the teacher had been frustrating him to the extent that he was being deprived of food while at school.

“I am tired, I have tried being persistent. They are punishing me this severely because of 400 marks. I should be able to achieve what I want with the marks I have gotten. Let me rest at home,” the tearful boy said

Visible marks of cane strokes were seen on the back and thighs of the pupil from the school which has since been identified as Nyamninia Public Day & Boarding School in Siaya County.

Speaking during the launch of the new Kenya National Examination (KNEC) offices in Nairobi, Education Principal Secretary Dr Julius Jwan said authorities in the county have identified the student and teachers behind the punishment, noting that investigations have commenced.

“A video has been going around of a learner being punished by teachers for not attaining 400 marks. It’s so bad. We have narrowed down and identified the school, investigations are ongoing.

“It is extremely cruel for a trained teacher to punish a learner. I don’t think any normal teacher would punish a learner like that,” Jwan said.

The incident has caused an uproar among users of the internet most of whom condemned the incident.

Corporal punishment in Kenyan schools was banned in 2001 although many schools still continue to punish learners in that way.

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