Man logs in for his virtual court divorce proceedings while in bed with his wife

A man has sparked hilarious reactions on social media after he logged in for his virtual court divorce proceedings while in bed with his wife.

A photo capturing the amusing moment the man who is still stuck on his wife despite filing for a divorce was shared online by a Kenyan lawyer with Twitter handle @Kamaumathingira.

He captioned it, “Sometimes clients will embarrass you,Imagine your client logging in to court with his wife for divorce hearing”.

The tweet has elicited different reactions online as netizens air their thoughts on the laughable incident.

Some lawyers weighed into the conversation by sharing their funny experiences with married couples who made a U-turn after filing for a divorce.

See how some reacted below,

@jalah20Mr wrote, “This reminds me of a client whose wife lives in the US and we served her the papers via DHL. On the day she appeared in court, my client that previously warned me not to address the woman as his wife said to me “Barrister meet my wife”. The rest is history.”

@marleeki wrote, “My client went back to her husband after court pronounced them divorced? Well its been 2 years and they are still basking 😂😂”

@chiefgaddiel wrote, “Lmao… I heard of a divorce case that was dismissed after it came out that the wife got pregnant while case was still on.”

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