Having s@x before driving can cause road accident – Expert warns drivers

Drivers must avoid s@xual intercourse before sitting behind the steering wheel to embark on long journeys, a road safety expert, Cecil Gabrah, has warned.

He sounded this caution in an interview with Benjamin Akakpo for as part of JoyNews’ Drive Safe campaign, saying the practice is a recipe for road crashes.

He explained that having s@x is more ore less like running a marathon race, an activity that leaves the man fatigued, so, sitting behind the steering wheel after it can result in loss of control.

According to, Gabrah warned drivers to desist from s@x and other energy-draining activities before taking long journeys, to avoid causing accidents.

“Who suffers from fatigue? Drivers who do not plan their trips; drivers who stay drinking at night; drivers who work overnight; drivers who have s@x during their journeys – they are all part of it.

“God created s@x. If you are a man [and have s@x], you are knocked off and you will be sleepy and that is why immediately after s@x, you find the man either snoring. He is tired, he’s run for more than 100 metres so you don’t go and sit behind the steering wheel to drive,” he warned, as quoted by the news website.

Before driving, Gabrah also advised that drivers try as much as possible to avoid setting off too early when they have a long journey to embark on.

He observed that a lot of the road crashes that are recorded on the country’s roads occur mostly at dawn.

“If you are traveling, sleep early and wake up early but don’t set off early like 4 am, 5 am. You will meet those who did not sleep especially those heavy-duty drivers who will not sleep.”

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