Revealed:How Raila and Uhuru’s Impromptu Visit in Kisumu Saved Kenyans From Ksh16billion,Overbudgeted Money

Raila said that the impromptu visit was meant to show Uhuru the poor state of the Kisumu port that had been neglected by past administrations.

He added that Uhuru only requested to be accompanied by a small team of handlers.

“The president was moved. He didn’t know such existed. After the tour, he ordered the management of the port to come up with a revival plan,” Raila stated.

Further, the Azimio flagbearer stated that the incident paid off as plans to revive the lakeside port kicked off immediately.

The ODM boss expressed that a technical team presented to them a budget of Ksh20 billion but was reduced to Ksh4 billion following ideas to involve disciplined forces in the project.

“After our tour, we went to the villages to look for former employees who had knowledge of MV Uhuru and where vital parts may have been dumped, so as to repair it. It paid off as we were not beginning from scratch.” 

The handshake brothers have in the recent past been pictured inspecting various development projects across the country.

Previously, Uhuru has credited Raila for helping him implement some of the projects undertaken during his second term.

“Many are not aware of a series of tours we have made with Raila in different parts of the country, some outside the country or the series of meetings we have held with different community elders. All those tours we were not being televised,” Raila stated.

“In Nairobi, we used to walk at night in Mathare, Kibra or drive in my car. We even headed to Kisumu to inspect various projects. After that, he used to take me to a local joint and eat fish,” Uhuru stated during Jubilee’s National Delegates Conference in 2022.

Speaking to Nation Africa on Friday, July 29, the Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate disclosed that Uhuru’s security men were upset as the tour was not in the Head of State’s itinerary.

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