“Unanuka Chang’aa,Toka Hapa”:Cs Magoha on Spot Again For Insulting a man Who was Helping him plant Trees

A video of Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha humiliating a man who was helping him plant trees in school has emerged on social media and has baffled many.

Magoha, who was recently on the receiving end for ethnically profiling a Muslim journalist, found himself on the wrong side with Kenyans again for belittling the man.

In the video, Magoha was planting trees with two students in a school while teachers and chiefs were seen in the crowd.

The man, who was donning an orange t-shirt and was holding a spade as he was helping the CS appeared to move closer to Magoha but at once, the CS addressed him with contempt, alleging he was stinking of chang’aa.

“We! Unanuka chang’aa! Kwenda mbali kabisa na mimi sichezi na wewe (You stink of chang’aa! Go away from me I am not playing with you,” he said as the man felt ashamed of the CS’s disrespectful words.

Many who watched the viral clip were left in utter bewilderment with many questioning whether it was necessary to humiliate the man before the entire crowd.

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