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You are a kin to a dog which keeps on barking but cannot bite!:Uhuru Tells off Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta claimed that his deputy, William Ruto, could not face him head-on because he dreaded his reaction.

Speaking at the Gusii stadium on Wednesday, August 3, Uhuru termed Ruto as a coward who resorted to insults and pointing a blaming finger instead of facing the truth.

The Head of State drew parallels between the UDA flagbearer and a barking dog that seldom bites.

“When you hear someone insulting anyone, or pointing a finger at anyone, it is simply because they fear them. They cannot approach the head-on and resort to hurling insults.

“They are akin to a dog which keeps on barking but cannot bite. Once you scare it, the dog folds its tails in between its legs and runs away,” Uhuru reiterated.

However, the president declared that he was not bothered by the DP’s theatrics, maintaining that he had no intention of harming Ruto or his political allies.

The Head of State commended Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Fred Matiangi for being steadfast and firm despite facing unfounded criticism from the Kenya Kwanza brigade.

“I thank the leaders for working with me through the last minute without asking me which side they should support and instead, breaking through barriers for the benefit of Kenyans,” he stated.

The President continued his campaigns for Azimio flagbearer Raila Odinga while hitting out at the UDA candidate. In a parable, he contrasted the two front runners

He claimed that the Kenya Kwanza team was like a bus whose driver, instead of having their eyes on the road, kept honking at other motorists while Azimio was a bus driven by a keen driver.

“In one vehicle, the driver has set out on a journey yet the conductor has already started stealing from him. His attention is divided over what is happening at the back and loses control of the bus. Consequently, he starts insulting other motorists and ends up in a ditch.

“In the other is a sober driver, an old man behind wheel, moving at a slow and steady speed. He has a no-nonsense conductor who appears to be in control. That vehicle reaches its destination,” he noted.

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