Ghost Officers operating IEBC servers exposed.

In a recent internal audit on IEBC done by KPMG an independent accounting firm. The firm revealed that the system had 14 returning officers who are not known and had overlapping powers.

The returning officers had the ability to transfer, delete, insert, trigger, truncate and update the voter’s register at will. One of them called the “Postgres” also had some superuser access privileges.

According to KPMG, the mysterious or rather ghost returning officers whose exact number is 14 had earlier collaborated with other 290 IEBC officials in a variety of settings during previous elections even though they were not officially appointed by the commission.

The audit also revealed that the “digital” Integrated Data Management Systems (IDMS) had more generic accounts (513) as opposed to 9 authentic accounts and that they had access to the IDMS register.

The report also revealed that the IEBC servers had another 2 million mysterious voters in the system.

KPMG revealed that the unknown Rs are known in the system as “Embakasi South Clerks” and ” IT Users”.

The report also said that some voters registered using duplicate or fake documents. Others were registered twice in previous elections also.

The report also stated that during the clean-up exercise of the register, voters that have been mysteriously registered were found.

The report also said that the IDMS was not set up to delete inactive accounts after 90 days as per the IEBC policy. The failure to do this made it easier for those who had already left IEBC to access the system easily.

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