Tulikua Tunataka tu Pesa Zake!:Blow To Ruto as Key supporters in Mt Kenya vow to vote for Azimio

With only three days to the August 9 elections, the political tide in Mt Kenya is changing in favour of the ruling Jubilee Party which has fronted candidates almost in all elective positions.

In President Uhuru Kenyatta’s home constituency, Gatundu South, former diehards of Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party now claim to have seen “the light and will support candidates in their son’s led party”.

Led by Bob Kariuki, the influential village opinion shapers said they had gone off the course as a result of being hoodwinked with money and juicy promises but have since realized the need to support their own.

While lauding President Kenyatta for reforming various sectors among them agriculture, transport through construction of key roads, availing enough water for their domestic use and irrigation, the elite locals upheld they will stick with his political direction saying he cannot mislead them.

Speaking after joining Gatundu South Jubilee parliamentary candidate Joyce Wanjiku Ngugi in a vote-hunting mission at Gitwe village, the residents urged Mount Kenya voters to cast their votes in one basket to not only stick with Uhuru but also facilitate the advancement of their interests in the incoming government.

“We have zero history of President Uhuru Kenyatta wronging us. He is a great servant of the people and our people were only enticed by the money that his deputy has been splashing in Mount Kenya alongside his numerous appearances in the region.

“We cannot afford to go against the wishes of our own and some of us who have been supporting Ruto will now vote for Jubilee leaders starting with Joyce Ngugi,” Kariuki said.

Others such as Veronica Njambi and Mary Wanjiru said the Head of State had no past history of wrongdoing and that the vote-rich region was only swayed to support Ruto by money and his numerous appearances in the region.

On her part, the area hopeful MP while preaching peace before, during and after the polls urged residents to support her bid having unsuccessfully tried twice.

She told residents that her leadership will facilitate prudent utilization of public funds promising them development projects that are geared towards improving their livelihoods.

“A mother is caring and cannot squander what belongs to her children. My leadership will be people centred and I will ensure proper use of your money in projects that will benefit you,” Wanjiku said.

The female Jubilee candidate is seeking the position held by Moses Kuria against Kung’u Kibathi, GG Kagombe and Njinji Murigi.

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