Deep state frustrating our agents – UDA’s Kimani Ichungwa Cries Out

Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani Ichungwa has accused the government of bribing voters.

Speaking at Kikuyu township primary, the UDA candidate said that the process was smooth despite an attempt by some leaders to bribe voters.

He said that the UDA team is well connected and has enough information on alleged plans to rig the elections.

He further claimed that the government is behind the scheme to slow the speed of KIEMs kits so that they can resort to manual register.

Ichungwa further said that they have raised the issue with IEBC.

“The government is frustrating our agents and we have reported the matter to the relevant authorities,” he said.

He requested the IEBC to ensure credible elections.

He said that the UDA party has already set its own command centre to ensure that their victory isn’t stolen.

“We have our own command centre and we want to assure our supports to come out in large numbers and vote,” he said.

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