Dp Ruto is Planning to Rig Elections~Wajackoyah Claims

Roots party presidential candidate, Gorge Wajackoyah has expressed his disappointment after the Kenya Integrated Elections Management (KIEMs) kit failed to identify him using his fingerprint.

Speaking during a media address, the light-hearted presidential candidate opined that the whole mishap witnessed on Tuesday morning was a well-orchestrated plot to rig him out.

“In my stronghold, people have not voted since morning, in the entire Kakamega county I am told people have not voted, I am very disappointed because why my strongholds, why should we vote for presidential elections if I am not voting,” he said.

While faulting the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) the presidential hopeful further queried why the commission did not conduct prior preparations.

“I am disappointed that I have not voted. Why is it that I am the only presidential candidate who hasn’t voted? Why couldn’t they test the Kiems kits? … I stand with God, that’s the only thing I can say,” he remarked.

“I am not happy but I cannot say anything, what are these people afraid of? “Why couldn’t they test the kit? Does it mean if I do not vote, votes will not be counted? The older generation has gone home,”


When asked if he has reached out to the commission, Wajackoyah affirmed that the officials had asked him to wait after he asked them for an alternative.

He further took a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto for rejecting the manual voter register.

In his words, the lawyer alleged that the DP was plotting to rig the elections by rejecting the manual voter register.

Wajackoyah’s wife, Meller Luchiri echoed his sentiments stating that it was disappointing that the systems were not functioning on the day of the election.

“It’s very disappointing for the machines not to work on the day that is most important to the lives of Kenyans. However, no weapon formed against the people of Kenya shall prosper. That’s the ground that we stand on,” she added.

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