Kiems kit fails to identify UDA’s Rigathi Gachagua

UDA running mate Rigathi Gachagua was forced to clean his finger after the Kiems kit failed to identify his fingerprint.

Gachagua was seen struggling to clean his fingers as the polling clerk was seen advising him to rub his fingers on his head to clear oil and grease on his fingers.

This comes as the constitution which provides that where an electronic voter identification device fails then such voter would be identified using a printed register.

Raila and Ruto had taken a common stand on the phasing out of the physical register.

Ruto, however, changed his tune and said he would be okay with an electronic register provided the IEBC issued sufficient guarantees that all registered voters would be allowed to cast their ballots.

The Azimio-One Kenya team however insisted that the exclusive use of the electronic voter identification system would be against the law.

IEBC had planned not to use printed registers on polling day saying they would create an avenue for electoral malpractices.

The commission, however, said it would only resort to the manual register as a last resort in case of a technology breakdown.

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