Miguna Coming Home!:‘I Have Packed My Bags…See You Soon!’ Miguna Miguna Says On President-Elect Ruto’s Victory

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has celebrated the duly-elect President William Ruto’s victory, in what he claims is the end to his years in exile.

Taking to Twitter hours after Ruto was declared the winner of the August General Elections, Miguna said that he was already geared up for his return to Kenya after the embattled lawyer was deported in 2018.

Miguna who has in the past declared his support for the UDA leader intimated that he was confident to be allowed back into the country after Ruto is officially sworn in as the fifth president of Kenya.

“To all patriots: Relax. Thanks for the solidarity. Yes, I’ve packed my bags and I’m ready. But before I can take my flight back home, William Samoei Ruto must first be sworn in as President, the red alerts lifted and my Kenyan passport renewed. See you soon. Cheers!” Miguna wrote on Twitter.

The outspoken politician went on to commend Ruto for his triumphant victory and dedication to serving the country as captured in his speech, shortly after the declaration.

“The President-Elect, @WilliamsRutoYour acceptance speech was magnanimous and statesmanlike. Govern with a focus on the rule of law and principles of constitutionalism. Avoid tribalism, sectionalism, cronyism, nepotism and other forms of maladministration. Good luck. Viva!” Miguna stated.

Miguna was ejected from the country in 2018 after he was involved in the swearing-in of ODM leader Raila Odinga as the People’s President.
Attempts by Miguna to come back to his motherland have always hit a snag with the government failing to honour several court orders to facilitate his return.

During Ruto’s campaigns earlier in the year, he promised that he would facilitate Miguna’s travel back to Kenya if he ascended to the highest office in the land.

“We will bring back Miguna Miguna in the country within the shortest time possible when I become President,” said DP Ruto in an interview with VOA in March.

“This is because he’s Kenyan and even if he has committed a crime, our country has laws in place. I don’t see any need for having refugees from other countries while our very own is a refugee in another country.”

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