Opportunity Comes Once in Lifetime:Githeri man effort to carry Ugali and Uji unfruitful

They say opportunity knocks once in every man’s lifetime and Martin Kamotho alias Githeri man seems to have his utilized.

In an interview, he revealed he had some plans in store to show up with Ugali and Uji as he queued and hopefully catch the attention of Kenyans.

The man who caused a frenzy in the online spaces, says he prefers how his life after fame turned out compared to how he lived previously.

In his books, he is extremely grateful to Kenyans for how they appreciated him and caused a huge life-changing kind of moment for him.

The  Online craze led him to be invited to the Statehouse together with his family and share a meal with the president.

More to it he received a Ksh100,000 token, a head of State commendation, and a piece of land in Ngong to help enrich his life.

Upon inquiry, he said he used the money to buy his grandmother seats which didn’t serve her for long for she passed on.

Githeri man seems to be a not-so-happy man, as he says nothing much changed in his life and was questioning what the sum of money could do, given the economic times we were rowing through.

He continues to work at the Nairobi county government which he notes he has served since 1999, from sweeping and cleaning at Jeevanjee gardens to being a guard at KICC.

When he blew up a lot of companies and brands used his image to promote their services and goods but he acknowledges just two of them that compensated him handsomely.

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