Inside Dr William Ruto poultry farm in Sugoi that generates him 1.5 million per day

Dr. William Ruto’s poultry farm in Uasin gishu county, earns him 1.5 million a day.

People may be asking where the hustler Ruto gets his money after donating millions in churches and empowering groups.

Deputy President Ruto is an industrious man who has made investments in poultry farming. He earns 1.5 million Kenya shillings every day from selling only meat and eggs at his poultry farm.

Soon after deputising Uhuru Kenyatta, Ruto gave K24 a tour of his expansive farm where he practises beekeeping, plants maize for food and fodder for the cows and numerous fruits, including mangoes, avocado, and rears bees in around 100 hives.

Ruto offered a glimpse of a modern building housing thousands of birds during the tour. Chickens were feeding as far as the eye could see, and the then deputy president disclosed that they were imported.

Ruto invested 15 million Kenya shillings in 2015. The money that he used to start the business, which has given him huge returns to date.

The funds were used to finance improved poultry farming equipment.

The chicken poultry farm has around 200,000 modern chickens. In a single day, he collects a total of 150,000 eggs.

He collects the eggs from and utilises his connections from his members to determine market value

On the other hand, Hustler Ruto uses this chicken farm animal business to empower a women’s group called the Joyful Women Organization.

Aside from the eggs, Ruto’s Sugoi farm also sells improved chicken as it has an industrial-grade incubator that can hatch thousands of chicks monthly.

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