Bungoma hairdresser who tattooed Ruto’s name asks him{Ruto}to adopt her

A Bungoma hairdresser who tattooed William Ruto’s name has asked him to adopt her.

Speaking during an interview with a local Youtuber, Venalencis Kiyabi who got the arm tattoo written ‘Ruto the 5th’ expressed that Ruto was a father figure to her.

“I wish he was my father. Adopt me, I want to be your daughter,” she stated.

She also expressed that she had a desire to meet the the President.

“I had previously met Ruto while on the campaign trail and showed him the Ksh2,000 tattoo but he was in a rush. His bodyguards did not let me get close to him but he instructed them to allow me to get closer after I showed him the tattoo,” she added.

Speaking on whether she was criticised after getting the tattoo, Kiyabi narrated that she faced backlash from a section of social media users who asked what she would do if the DP lost the election.

“My family was supportive but people trolled me online asking why I tattooed Ruto instead of my parents. Others said it would end in premium tears because he will fail, I never gave up because I knew he was bound to win,” she added.

Asked if she got the tattoo for cheap publicity, she affirmed that she chose the tattoo to show her love for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

“I chose Ruto because he is God fearing is the best leader for the country. We have suffered economically since Mwai Kibaki left office,” she added.

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