Lecturer Helps Care for Student’s Baby While She Writes Exams, Video Melts Hearts

An invigilator has shown a lot of kindness after she helped care for the baby of a student writing examination. The woman has turned into the delight of students who have seen the clip.

The invigilator, said to be a lecturer, was shown in a video nursing her student’s baby in a compassionate manner.

In the short clip seen on TikTok, the lecturer paced around the examination hall with the baby in her hands.

She nursed the baby exactly as a mother would, and her action has been described as touching by numerous TikTok users.

A short write-up on the clip says:

“A lecturer performing motherly duties for her student while she takes exams. God bless the woman.”

Some users in the comment section say they know the woman in question and also confirmed that she is kind.

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