Uhuru’s Legacy is Not Infrastructure But Its How He Hands Over Power Peacefully~Mutula Kilonzo

Outgoing Senators, Johnson Sakaja and Mutula Kilonzo have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga to make peace, for the sake of the country.

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo said that as an outgoing president, Uhuru’s biggest legacy will be based on how he hands over power.

“I remember I once told the president during a BBI meeting at State House that his biggest legacy will not be infrastructure but handing power over peacefully,” he said on Citizen TV.

Mutula who is Makueni County Governor-elect opined that President Uhuru should come out in public, to calm the nation.

“If I was Uhuru I would get out of State House and walk around in public like he used to do solo rides. This will calm the nation because everyone one is wondering what is Uhuru thinking after the elections,”

“What we have seen is Uhuru said he will but we have not heard him saying it,” he added.

Mutula also urged Ruto to remain humble even as the Supreme Court process in underway.

Backing his sentiments, outgoing Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja emphasied that the three leaders should meet if needed publicly, to demonstrate that politics is not enmity.

He commended Ruto for demonstrating peace and preaching ‘no vengeance’ message after he was declared president-elect and Raila Odinga for pursuing justice using the right channel.

Eight days after Ruto was declared president-elect, President Uhuru is yet to speak on the issue, despite publicly supporting Raila.

“These two leaders need to come together publicly. If I was Raila Odinga I would pursue justice as he is doing but calm people and If I was Ruto I would reach out to Raila and they should say even this process we are in is not a process to divide Kenyans,” Sakaja said.

He added that the Supreme Court process is not one of antagonism but the beauty of Kenya’s democracy.

He explained that A congratulatory message from Uhuru would be the most basic democratic gesture.

“ We need to depersonalise elective positions and I think that was the danger of an incumbent president taking a side.”

On August 15, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati declared Ruto the President-elect after garnering 7,176,141 votes, against Raila’s 6,942,930 votes.

Raila has, however, rejected the declaration and promised a battle with Chebukati whom he accuses of mishandling the elections. He declared the IEBC chairman’s figures “null and void”.

On Monday, he filed a petition challenging the presidential results outcome at the Supreme Court.

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