Revealed:Why Magoha Has Refuted Claims of Looking For a Job in Ruto’s Government Despite His Pleadings to be added time to finish CBC Programme

Speaking on Tuesday, September 6, while inspecting the progress of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classrooms in Nairobi, Magoha maintained that he would only take Ruto’s offer if their plans align.

Ruto’s assurance in supporting his bid to execute his mandate as assigned, without interference whatsoever, would also be an incentive.

Defending his suitability, Magoha detailed that during his tenure as the Education CS, he created a bond with the students giving him an upper hand in continuing with the CBC rollout programme.

He, however, dismissed claims of pushing for CBC classrooms completion to impress the next administration so as to be considered for appointment.

Magoha maintained that he would exit office once the new government assumes power.

“I’m not looking for the job, that’s one. Nobody should mistake me that I’m completing this work in order to be seen that I want another job. But if in his wisdom the President-elect thought that I would even be half worthy of being considered, we would have a conversation because I have now connected with the poor children.

“If we are thinking in the same direction and he gives me the support that I require which would mean I do things the way he wants and not any other person if it is God’s Will, then I will say yes,” he stated.

Earlier, Magoha had pleaded with the incoming administration to accord him more time to complete CBC classrooms. 

He argued that the completion of the project will allow a smooth transition, especially for grade six students. In phase two, 3500 classrooms are expected to be constructed after 6500 classrooms were built in phase one.

More than 1.2 million learners are set to join Junior Secondary School in 2023, and the government is racing against time to allow for a seamless transition.

“We intend to complete most classrooms by election time, should there be a small balance, since am not a politician, and you can judge me on that, only God knows who will be the president, I don’t know and whoever comes in will be my Commander in chief.

I hope that before that person comes in he should allow me to finish the remaining classrooms,” Magoha stated.

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