‘My mother has been crying since Raila lost to Ruto’ – Khaligraph emotionally narrates

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has come out to narrate how his mother was deeply affected after the Supreme Court upheld President-elect William Ruto’s victory over Raila Odinga.

Khaligraph spoke about the pain Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance’s supporters are feeling in a freestyle rap song.

The rapper pleaded with the President-elect to rein in his supporters who have been insulting Raila, saying that Baba’s followers are deeply hurt by the vile attack on the former premier.

Khaligraph implored Ruto to unite the country following the deeply divisive election.

“Sahi wanatusi Raila na kuna venye inanistress. Mr Hustler, yes a man of integrity, put the people together coz chuki sahi si necessity Baba has been attacked some people calling him names but you can change this narrative coz you have been through the same. Remember how they told you huwezi keti kwa hio kiti but Mungu ni nani sasa ona umefika hapo juu,” Khaligraph rapped.

Khaligraph says mom deeply hurt
The rapper further revealed that his mother was adversely affected by Raila’s loss to the extent that she couldn’t even talk to him.


Khaligraph says his mother was deeply hurt that she refused to pick up his call after the Supreme Court upheld Ruto’s win, only texting him back saying that she was ‘hell sick’.

“My mama has been grieving I called her hakupick then she texted me and told me ‘son am hell sick’. I told her why mama ain’t no reason to be sick Baba is fine and that’s another reason to be glad. But I couldn’t blame her, she fine for her survival ju siasa hapa Kenya huanga tribal,” Khaligraph said.

The rapper further pleaded with the President-elect to ‘protect’ Raila.

“Tuprotectie huyu mzae usiache akemewe ju tunampenda venye tunakupenda hatutaki kuona akikemewa na watu. Wewe unajua ni nini amefanya, sisi tunajua ni nini amefanya. So tuprotectie huyu mzae. Thank you so much, congratulations,” he rapped.

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