When President Moi’s loyal lieutenant Joseph Kamotho made the proclamation that Kanu would rule for 100 years, many laughed him off as a deluded sycophant.

This was particularly so because Kamotho made the proclamation when the political weather of the day was very hostile to KANU. It was at height of the clamour for multiparty democracy.

It would later become clear that Kamotho’s declaration was actually not his own creation: He was voicing it on behalf of his boss President Daniel Arap Moi. The former Head of State not long after publicly reinforced the assertion himself.

Yes, it might have sounded wild back then but fast forward 2022, all signs are now that Moi, the self proclaimed Professor of Kenyan Politics was actually right.

Just look at it this way. So far, which presidents have we had and which is their REAL political party?

1. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta ~ KANU founder and life member all the way to his grave. Mzee Jomo was so passionate about KANU that he could not even allow his bosom buddy Jaramogi Oginga Oginga to start an alternative party.

2. Daniel Arap Moi ~ KANU life member from 1960s all the way to his grave. KANU used to flow in Moi’s blood; literary!

3. Mwai Kibaki ~ First KANU Executive Officer at independence. The larger part of Kibaki’s political career (28 of his 49 years in politics) was in KANU and he only left on the Christmas Day of December 1991 to found DP. But Kibaki owes his political career to KANU.

4. Uhuru Kenyatta ~ Started his political career in KANU where he brought by Moi and quickly pushed up the ranks to be the National Chairman. Uhuru would then use the party to vie for President in 2002. Without KANU, Kenya could perhaps have not seen a Uhuru Kenyatta presidency.

5. William Ruto ~ A true child of KANU with his entire political career midwifed in KANU. From YK92, to 2022 when he stood with Uhuru Kenyatta’s failed Presidential bid. By then Ruto was KANU Secretary General. Ruto only left KANU in 2005.

So, in a nutshell, it is KANU that has been in power since independence to date. That’s 59 years. Add Ruto’s 10 years which he will most likely be president, beginning on Tuesday 13th September 2022 and you get 69 years. Up to that point, KANU is 31 years shy of ruling 100 years.

Now, if by any chance Rigathi Gachagua, another child of KANU, (always under KANU wings from his days at the University of Nairobi to his 20 years as a KANU era Special D.O.) ever takes over from Ruto and does 10 years, KANU will have ruled 79 years, a mere 21 less the prophetic 100 years!

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