Uhuru played us but we’ll make it eventually -Angry Babu Owino Declares

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino now claims that outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta “played” ODM leader Raila Odinga.

In a tweet shortly after Uhuru hosted President-elect William Ruto at State House on Monday, Babu said Uhuru’s body language painted a picture of a cordial relationship with his deputy long seen as his enemy.

“Thank you Uhuru Kenyatta for keeping your word to Ruto. Your body language tells it all. It was a long con,” he said.

This was the second time the outspoken youthful legislator was insinuating that Uhuru’s close ties with the Azimio leader was part of a wider scheme to have Ruto sail to power.

Shortly before the Supreme Court rendered its verdict on Raila’s petition that sought to overturn Ruto’s win, Babu pre-emptied the judgment of the court and said Raila would still remain his leader even after he was played.

On Monday, however, Babu expressed confidence that Raila will one day lead Kenya.

“We will still reach where we are going. If we could not hunt with a dog will use a cat,” he said.

Babu’s sentiments come a week after political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi made similar remarks.

Ngunyi accused Uhuru of not doing enough to ensure Raila amassed enough votes to clinch the presidency.

“Maybe Raila was a decoy and Uhuru’s plan all along was to hand over to Ruto. I say so because Uhuru acted sub-optimally in this election. He handed over his constituency to Ruto without a fight. Then he disabled the deep state. Was this the Kumi-Kumi” plan?” Ngunyi posed.

Ruto’s visit to State House was largely seen as a ice-breaker ahead of his swearing in on Tuesday.

The incoming president has not been on good terms with Uhuru for years since the President backtracked on his pledge to endorse him as his preferred successor in favour of Raila.

Their frosty relations worsened weeks to the August 9 general election with Uhuru warning particularly his Mt Kenya backyard against electing a thug.

But against all odds, Ruto won the hotly contested polls with 7.1 million votes against Raila’s 6.9 million.

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