I married 53 women in 43 years in the name of looking for mrs right ~65-year-old man confesses

A 65-year-old man kept marrying and divorcing in the name of searching for peace and stability, and ended up marrying no less than 53 in 43 years.

According to, Abu Abdullah from Saudi Arabia married his first wife when he was 20 years old.

“They had children together and everything was going well, but then problems started appearing in his life and he decided to marry again. At the age of 23, he informed his wife that he planned to take a second wife and became a polygamist. Then, as problems started arising before his two spouses, he took on a third wife, and then a fourth. However, things only got worse, so he divorced his first and second wives, and then did the same with the third and fourth, as they had also started arguing. But his quest for stability continued…

“The 65-year-old told Arabic daily Sabq that he has so far married a total of 53 women, with his shortest marriage only one night. However, he insisted that none of them was a joke; they were all traditional weddings. Apparently, all he was trying to do was find a woman who would make him happy in his life, but his marriages kept failing.

“Although he didn’t reveal whether he finally found “the one”, Abu Abdullah said that he is now married to one woman and does not plan to remarry ever again.

“Most of his wives have been Saudi, but he did marry one foreign woman on a work trip that lasted a few months.

“Abu Abdullah’s story recently went viral in South Arabia, sparking a heated debate among those who praised him for his adventurous lifestyle, and those who consider what he did wrong and refer to him as ‘the polygamist of the century’” the news website reported.

It is unclear how many children he has got out of the numerous marriages.

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