Heartwarming;Kirinyaga MCA Uses Sign Language to Swear In

Harrison Bundi,a nominated Kirinyaga MCA was today sworn in using sign language to the delight of netizens.

This is Deaf Awareness Week and nothing crowns it more than having a Kirinyaga Member of County Assembly sworn in using sign language.

When it was his turn to be sworn in, Harisson Bundi majestically walked to the front of the house and used sign language to take the oath of his office.

Netizens who watched him on Citizen Digital video were impressed by the steps parliament had taken to accommodate physically challenged people.

“What a win for the Deaf people during Deaf awareness week! Congratulations Harrison Kariuki! You inspire us and God’s perfect, pleasing will to you said.

Apart from being a nominated MCA, Bundi also advocates for the rights of the physically challenged.

“Not all disabilities are visible. Disabilities like Deafness cannot be seen unless some lets you know. Therefore as we celebrate Deaf Awareness Week, a good friend of mine has highlighted some key tips when communicating with a deaf person.

“Many times our deaf friends are left out in conversation and communication because we feel that we don’t know sign language but there are so many ways to ensure we are inclusive as possible.Thank you Harrison Kariuki for always championing for the inclusion of the Deaf in our society and communities. I celebrate you,” said Maureen Memo Chepkemoi, a follower.

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