Museveni’s Enemy No.1 Stranded in Kenya After a Car Hire Remotely Switched Off Her Car

Ugandan author and Yoweri Museveni critic Stella Nyanzi have been left stranded in Makindu after their hired car came to a halt.

Nyanzi hired KDC 618J voxy after her car was involved in a road accident on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Nyanzi was on a poetry trip to Mombasa when the car they had hired stopped abruptly at Makindu in Makueni county.

The author claimed that Kenya has some unscrupulous thugs who handle their victims with baby gloves in their pure, concentrated and maximally calculated rip-off.

She said she hired a silver grey KDC 618 voxy from a man only identified as David from Nairobi.

“My poetry road tour to Mombasa has been frustrated by a so-called “David” from whom we hired a silver grey Voxy number plate KDC 618J for three days from Nairobi to Mombasa and back,” Nyanzi explained.

The Ugandan citizen said they paid KSh 6,500 per day for the car and a total of 19,600 upfront, which the owner demanded.

“We paid 6,500/= KES for each day, meaning for three days, we gave him 19,600/= KES. He insisted on being paid everything upfront,” she disclosed.

On further intervention by local mechanics, they claimed that the car had been stopped by the tracking device and not a mechanical hitch as earlier assumed.

“Just as soon as we reached Makindu, the hired vehicle stopped completely. Everything died. We pushed the car off the road, and got two local mechanics from Makindu, who both confirmed that the vehicle’s tracking device had locked the car,” she explained.

After informing David of the ordeal, Nyanzi said he came, asked them to unpack, disabled the tracker and sped off with the car.

“We have been in dusty Makindu, waiting like idiots for the replacement car for the last six hours. This con man’s phone numbers are switched off,” she stated.

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