Revealed:How Uhuru Kenyatta Conned Raila and Made him Loose the Elections.

One of the most famous and controversial member of parliament, Babu Owino, has explained how Uhuru Kenyatta conned Raila Odinga.

According to Babu Owino’s allegations, he claims that it was a long con and uhuru Kenyatta knew very well what was going on.

Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya . Babu Owino said that the whole plan started during the handshake period.

He said that he will give deep details very soon , but for now he is just highlighting few details about the long con.

This is not the first time Babu is revealing how Uhuru Kenyatta Conned Raila. So the member of parliament of Embakasi went ahead and said that the failure of BBI was in Uhuru Kenyatta’s plan to fail Raila .

He said Uhuru knew very well that BBI will fail but he kept on brainwashing Raila.

After BBI failed , Uhuru declared his support on Raila but during campaigns, something fishy was happening.

We all saw that there is no day Uhuru Kenyatta went in Mt Kenya to campaign for Raila Odinga.

Babu said he will give deeper details , and on how Uhuru played raila during the entire voting and counting period.

He also said that his visit to Raila’s home after losing is a clear indication that he conned Baba.

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