Uhuru: Kenyans will start crying after 3 months for voting Ruto

Outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta’s on September 7 said that voters who rejected the Azimio la Umoja coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga and voted for Dr. William Ruto will start crying in three months.

He said this as he continued to bemoan the election of Dr. Ruto as the fifth president of Kenya against his wishes.

Uhuru, who is the chairman of the Azimio la Umoja coalition, had been backing former prime minister Raila for the top post.

“Those who are smiling right now will be crying in three months,” he said.

“Yes we have lost, but let’s stand together because at the end of it, the truth will be known. Politics is an interesting game and a lot of things will change within three months.”

Uhuru added that he will be embracing the opposition side and will assume former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to be his leader.

“We must be prepared to be the strongest opposition and diligently discharge our duty. Get it, take it or leave it. I will be a proud citizen who will join my leader Raila, waiting for direction to be given. I will stand with him and I know what he has gone through,” he said.

Meanwhile,Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says farmers living within the forests can revert to the ‘Shamba’ farming system as a source of livelihood.
Speaking on Saturday at the funeral service of Baringo Deputy Governor Charles Kipngok in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County, Gachagua said the orders will be implemented once a new cabinet is named.

Gachagua bemoaned the frustration of communities living within government forests following the ban on planting agricultural crops alongside forest tree species, popularly known as the ‘Shamba System’.

The ban was imposed in January 2021 by the previous regime on grounds that the farming system – popular during the late President Daniel Moi era – is associated with environmental degradation.

“Forests belong to citizens, you are the ones who take care of them all these years. There is a CS who came and banned you from taking even a leaf to cook… the leaves are rotting,” said the Deputy President.

Gachagua said farmers could revert to the shamba system of farming where communities living around forests are allowed to plant their crops and subsequently plant a few trees.

The deputy president said it will be beneficial to the farmer and enough policies will be put in place to ensure the process is sustainable.

“ There was Shamba System where locals could plant maize until the trees grow. This government is yours, we have made an order for Wananchi to be given an opportunity to cultivate in the forest to have more food. Is there need to ban them from farming maize yet we import it? We will have an order to cultivate in the forest,” he said.

The funeral service of the late Baringo Deputy Governor Charles Kipngok brought together a host of leaders across the country ,who joined the family in paying their last respects to the late Kipngok.

Kipngok, who died at the age of 61 after developing breathing complications, is survived by a widow and 2 children.

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