Man Ignores Girlfriend’s Friend that Came with Her, Refuses to Buy Her Food, Video Stirs Reactions

A video of a lady being totally ignored after she followed her friend on a date has gone viral and stirred massive reactions.

A caption on the clip seen on TikTok mocked the lady who wasn’t given food at the date, stating that her friend was warned not to come with anyone.

In the clip, the man and his date could be seen enjoying their meals, unbothered about the next person at their table.

The lady’s friend could be seen seated with her hands on her lap and staring blankly.

Many social media users knocked the lady for allowing her friend to be embarrassed that way, while male folks commended the man for ignoring her.


jadapinkett14 said: “Hell no even if the man nuo buy her any food mine have to share with her and into something separate.”

Ntimbeatz said: “Guy, U made the Brotherhood proud…Guys we need to have a meeting…This guy needs emediate promotion.”

Freya_ said: “If I have a boyfriend, I won’t bring my friends, only person I can bring is my best friend, an independent lady that can even pay for us.”

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