Speculations as Uhuru’s Details Mysteriously Disappear From Presidential Website After Ruto Took Over as Head of State

Concerns have been raised over missing content and details of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ten years tenure on the official presidential website.

The website had all his press releases, Executive Orders, directives, intervention measures and other government details.

Besides videos, photographs and digital content, details of key State House staff, development projects and an extension of former First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta’s, work were captured on the website. 

The information, however, disappeared immediately after President William Ruto ascended to power, raising doubts on whether it was deleted or archived. 

However, Presidential Library, Museum and Exhibition dispelled reports alleging that Uhuru’s details were deleted.

Instead, it noted that the information was archived on the Presidential Library website.

The archiving of Uhuru’s ten-year tenure content allows the official presidential website to be used to document Ruto’s speeches, plans, directives, Executive Orders and other multimedia content.

At the moment, the official presidential website has a yellow background which represents Ruto’s Standard and his official portrait photo in 3 Dimension. Uhuru adopted the colour blue during his tenure. 

The website forms part of historical items stored in remembrance of Kenya’s heads of state. It stores information and content regarding all presidents starting from the country’s first head of state, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. 

Other than the National Archives located in Nairobi Central, the website preserves and provides access to historical materials, supports research, creates interactive programs and exhibits that educate and inspire readers. 

The official social media sites and websites release videos and information on different dates to celebrate historical events and milestones. 

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