Ma_pastor Nao Wameamua Wapewe Chao!:Pastors Demand Ruto to Fulfill The Promises He Gave Them

Clerics have implored President William Ruto to honour an alleged agreement on creating a docket of Christian Affairs in his Cabinet.

The pastors claim that President Ruto had entered into a memorandum of understanding with them during the campaign period where he promised to create the special docket.

They further demanded privileges including exemption from taxation while importing religious commodities and a registrar of churches.

“We had an MoU with the Kenya Kwanza government. Every cleric will earn respect in Kenya and ensure that the church and the clergy are protected,” one of the clerics from Kiambu County urged.

“We want to know the fate of the MoU that we signed with our president while he was still the deputy president concerning several aspects including registration, exemption of taxes in importing, economic empowerment and being considered as service providers in the society,” another added.

The clerics were speaking during a prayer meeting at the Oasis of Hope Church.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua had on September 25 vowed to constantly remind President Ruto of the actualization of the MoU between Kenya Kwanza and the church.

“I took the Bible and swore to assist him. On your behalf, I will continuously remind him on our Mou with you about church issues. Even as he has many responsibilities it is my responsibility to remind you,” Gachagua stated during the Thanksgiving ceremony at State House Nairobi on Sunday, September 25.

According to Bishop Samuel Njiriri of the Federation of Evangelicals and Indigenous Christians Churches of Kenya, the agreement between Ruto and the church features – among others – allocation of budget for churches and appointments to various government positions.

In addition, the clergymen demanded a special docket to address religious affairs.

President Ruto announced his Cabinet on Tuesday, September 27, listing a maximum of 22 dockets as capped by the Constitution of Kenya.

The majority of the nominees were his political allies who he rewarded for their loyalty.

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