38-year-old Man returns to Primary School after Wife Left Him for being Uneducated

A 38-years-old man has made a surprising decision to return to school after his wife left him because he was uneducated, says he hopes to finish by 50 and become a great man.

John as he is simply called, is a 38-years-old man who was happily married with 2 kids, until his wife decided that she is done with the marriage her reason being that her husband is uneducated.

This and other hurtful things she said before leaving him and the kids gave him the determination to enroll into school as pupil.

John’s decision was shocking and he faced ridicule for it, but it did not deter him from following through with his decision because he hopes to finish school by 50 and become a great man.

The father of 2, revealed that he dropped out of school because his parents couldn’t afford it, so he had to hustle to survive and carter for his family.

Meanwhile,A LAUTECH graduate who went viral after a video of him storming LAUTECH to demand a refund of his school fees in exchange for his certificate has received half a million from the ALUMNI.

Oludare Alaba in the viral video had demanded a refund of his school fees stating that it wasn’t serving any purpose in his life and he would rather be refunded so that he can do something meaningful with the money.

When asked why he made such a drastic decision, he said frustration pushed him to do it and he did not want to consider the only other option which was to do voodoo or blood money.

In his words: “I cannot do blood money because I was to be useful to Nigeria, my family, myself, and God,” He had also revealed that his father had borrowed money to pay his school fees due to his inability to raise a loan.

According to him, his father had confronted him, asking him about his plans for life stating that he was supposed to have started reaping benefits from the graduate already.

This statement made Oludare Alaba break down in tears. The LAUTECH graduate added that he has an entertaining skill which won him an award during his youth service but he cannot monetize it now because he is not able to raise a capital to start his own business.

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