Good_hearted Kenyans Raise Funds for Miguna Miguna’s Homecoming

Canadian-based lawyer Miguna Miguna on Saturday, October 1, acknowledged a fundraiser seeking to raise money for his anticipated homecoming.

The drive dubbed Justice For Miguna is Justice for all Kenyans invited Kenyans to voluntarily send contributions in aid of Miguna’s return. 

The exiled lawyer acknowledged the effort stating that it was a show of integrity and honesty- despite questions challenging the genuineness and motive of the drive. 

Miguna was reacting to a tweep who questioned the essence of the fundraiser implying that the lawyer had enough capacity to facilitate his return and as such the fundraiser was a con. 

“They are honest Kenyans trying to raise funds legally from those willing to give freely in order to accord me the homecoming they are planning,” Miguna stated. 

“There is nothing dishonest about that. I only associate with people of integrity. And this is integrity.” 

Miguna defended the fundraiser noting that he has incurred losses exceeding three million shillings in his failed attempts to return to Kenya. 

“You wouldn’t say the same thing if your house was maliciously destroyed by explosives detonated by State Goons; you were tortured; illegally detained then forced out of your country of birth for five years, and you have spent more than $30,000 of your own money trying to return home.”

The vocal lawyer on Wednesday, September 28, announced that he would be landing in Kenya on October 20. 

He has continuously expressed his optimism about returning to Kenya, four years after he was deported to Canada under controversial circumstances. 

Miguna’s tribulations started after the mock swearing-in of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga as the “people’s president” in January 2018.

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