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REVEALED: Why Freemasons don’t mention Jesus name in their meetings

In a recent NTV interview, Nairobi-based lawyer and Gor Mahia Football Club chairman Ambrose Rachier, one of the most prominent members of Freemasonry, spoke about the mystery surrounding the organization.

In one of his statements, Mr. Rachier said that the organization was made up of Muslims, Christians and Buddhists. For this reason, he said, they did not call the name of Jesus Christ in their congregation.

“The craft is not based on any religion … in Freemasonry we have Muslims … we have Christians … we have Buddhism. We do not mention the name of Jesus Christ in our meetings,” said Rachier

While confessing he was a member, Rachier was emphatic that freemasons don’t subscribe to any particular religious faith.

“We have Muslims in freemasonry, Christians, Buddhists and a few atheists, so there is no reference whatsoever to issues of devil worship, whoever the devil is.”

He added: “I am not afraid to admit that I am one of them and I am not disappointed; my family knows that Ambrose Rachier will go to church today,”

Speaking to NTV reporter Duncan Khaemba, Rachier sought to deconstruct the mystery clouding the activities of the ‘secret’ organisation.

“I think most are talking from a point of view of Christianity, yet masonry is not based on any particular religion,” Rachier said.

“Frankly, each of us is hiding something. We don’t share information with others,” he said.

The only way to become a Freemason is to be invited by a current member. A member of a secret society whose influence comes from his ability to remain in the shadows.

Freemasonry holds out the promise of salvation to all worthy Masons, regardless of the deity they worship.

The Muslim or Hindu member of the lodge is on the same spiritual level as the believer in Jesus Christ. According to Hutchens, “Masonry is tolerant, even supportive, of the most diverse religious beliefs.”

According Lima First Though Masonry teaches its beliefs as absolutes, in order to accommodate the beliefs of differing faiths, it allows its members to ascribe to higher or optional teachings as the individual desires. However, these are not allowed to be displayed in the lodge for fear of offending the brothers of other faiths. Thus, the use of the name of Jesus is highly discouraged in the Lodge.

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