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Top 5 changes That Shows Ruto’s continued defiance to Uhuru’s previous structure, routine at Statehouse

President William Ruto has defiantly continued to abandon some of the structures and routines at State House that were installed by his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Some changes evoked mixed reactions as Ruto sets to stamp his authority at State House, following ex-president, Uhuru Kenyatta’s exit.

1. Watermarked Statehouse Photos

During the key functions at State House, in the country and out of the country, Uhuru Kenyatta’s photos were shared but watermarked with the State House logo

Barely a month in office, not a single photo of President Ruto shared on official channels has been watermarked.

On Thursday, President Ruto went to the neighbouring country Ethiopia for a state function, accompanied by key leaders in his government.The president’s press team shared the photos of the president and Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with the editors, and all were not watermarked.

2. Identity of Statehouse Media outlet

The identity of the State House media outlet appeared to have changed a day after Mr Kenyatta left office.

Mr Kenyatta’s media team went by the name Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU), but the fifth president annulled the name.

3. State House Website

The State House website has been deactivated by President Ruto’s team, and there is no information on the site.

The presidential website was used by PSCU under Uhuru’s regime to release statements.

4. Livestream
President Ruto’s administration has ensured that whenever the president is attending key functions, the function is live-streamed on social media, majorly through Facebook and Twitter, where the president enjoys a big following.

The live streams are offered through the State House channels and his personal channels.Even during his campaigns, Dr Ruto maximised social media to reach out to his supporters.

This is unlike retired President Kenyatta who closed all his personal social media accounts.

5. Mounted Photos

Prior to his inauguration, Ruto was oriented to State House by Uhuru as has been the tradition over the years.Notably, on that day, Uhuru’s photos mounted on State House walls were missing.

6. State House official page

Minutes after his inauguration, profile pictures on the social media pages were changed from, a picture of State House to that of William Ruto.

However, after an uproar from a section of Kenyans, the profile was reverted to a State House photo with Ruto’s presidential standard and the East African Community (EAC) flag visible.

7. Presidential Standard

Changes were made to the presidential standard hang at State House. Ruto unveiled his standard during his inauguration – a flag lag used in many countries as a symbol of the head of state. The change of the standard was done minutes after Ruto arrived at State House for his inauguration party.

Ruto’s standard is yellow in colour with the symbol of a wheelbarrow, an emblem associated with the United Democratic Party Alliance (UDA).

On the other hand, Uhuru’s standard was navy blue in colour with a dove- which was a symbol for the Jubilee party.

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