Arimi’s Success Story: Meet Kenyan Billionaire Behind Famous Milking Jelly

A survey conducted in March 2022, revealed that Arimis product was among the top brands loved by Kenyan women. 

The report revealed the extent to which the brand has gained prominence in the Kenyan market- outwitting other similar products. 

What started as a brand made for rural farmers has turned out to be a must-have product for almost every Kenyan. 

Arimis’ history dates back to 1983 when the idea was conceived by businessman Hanish Shah. 

The Meru native derived the inspiration from the need to create a solution for the difficulties faced by small-scale farmers. This was through making the product high quality but cost-effective.

Arimis is derived from a Meru name ‘Arimi’ meaning farmer. From the name, the original idea was to help the farmers in milking the cow hence the company branded the product with a photo of a cow. 

Born and bred in Meru, Shah aspired to change society through innovation. The O-level graduate joined the family business, Tri-Clover Industries, where he birthed the idea of Arimis in 1983. 

Two years later, Arimis began growing in popularity- which essentially prompted the company to shift its operations from Meru to Nairobi.

“It’s formulated using the best quality of raw materials which are accepted under US FDA approval standard grade as safe to use on skin care, a slightly different formula in comparison to the normal petroleum jelly but 100 per cent safe for human application,” Shah stated in a past interview with The Standard. 

He noted that the company has never marketed the product as a skin-care product but affirmed that it is one of the most beloved products by most people. 

“Passing the BP standards prevents wrinkles by making a jelly film on the skin, trapping the moisture in and preventing its loss. This way, it keeps the skin hydrated and elastic, and can visibly reduce wrinkles.”

According to Shah, despite the essential wave from the public, the companies’ biggest clients remain to be farmers. 

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