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Ugali Man: From A Mjengo Man, Sleeping Hungry To Owning A Multimillion Gym In Rongai.

Charles Odongo famously known as Ugali Man, is not a new name to most Kenyans. He went viral in 2021 , after eating 5kgs of Ugali.

That was something extraordinary and he still holds that record in Kenya. Since then his life changed completely.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve. Ugali Man said that he has been through alot and he really suffered before making it. He said that he used to live in a Mabati house at Kware , Eastlands.

For him to sustain his family, he used to work at building and construction sites ( Mjengo).

However he wasn’t guaranteed to get a job daily. Most times he used to eat only one meal per day or even sleep hungry.

Now when Corona came things got even worser . He almost went back to the village but his father helped him with a place to reside .

Since they were no job, he opened a local gym with just local stuffs. It was just for fun because everything were local and he used not to earn any money from it.

Ugali man said that it is still unbelievable how he went viral. He was just doing video for fun and it was something he used to do, though without recording.

So after sharing the video of him eating and pressing Ugali it went viral all over all social media pages. He became famous and brands started looking for him.

Odibet approached him with a very lucrative deal . They made him a brand influencer of their betting site.

In this deal , they gave him ksh. 5 Milllion, opened for him a Multimillion gym in Rongai and gave him a tours van.

That is how his life changed completely . He is now living a very lavish lifestyle, eating seven meals per day. His children are going to better schools and everything is going on smoothly.

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