Opinion:Ruto Will Abandon His Closest Friends as Moi,Kibaki and Uhuru Did

When MOI got into power he Immediately excluded those who were his closest Friends, KIBAKI the same, UHURU the same, MUSEVENI the same, KAGAME the same, What makes you think WILLIAM RUTO won’t do the same……?

The joy has ended and Everyone has gone back to default! A teacher will remain a teacher, a Mkokoteni/Bodaboda guy will remain with his Mkokoteni/BodaBoda, a Doctor will remain a doctor etc…..

Those who still think they sent Uhuru to Ichaweri and Raila to Bondo should think again. These two gentlemen will be around enjoying state privaleges at ease…..Only you who will be hovering in your village with high cost of livings.

We must all see things beyond politics. Ruto will not make his tribesmen (kalenjins) rich. Neither was Raila Odinga meant to put food on the table of Luos.

Wake up, work hard and invest as individual. That’s how you change your life. Kenya is big and beautiful….

Meanwhile,Agriculture and Livestock Development CS nominee Mithika Linturi has said he is uncertain whether the price of unga will go down.

Speaking on Friday during vetting by the National Assembly Committee on appointments, Linturi said the price will go down if the government will continue with the subsidy.

“The price of unga I don’t think will come down immediately unless the government is willing and ready to continue with the subsidy program. This is a matter that will be discussed,” he said.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta in July introduced a subsidy which saw unga prices drop to Sh100.

The subsidy aimed at helping lower the cost of living for vulnerable households.

“This programme of a subsidy of approximately Sh105 per 2kg pack of maize meal is meant to lower the cost of living for vulnerable households as we look for a sustainable solution to the recurrent rising prices of unga every election,” Uhuru said while announcing the subsidy on July 20.

Unga prices in the country are currently retailing at over Sh200 after President William Ruto scrapped the food subsidy.

Ruto said the subsidies were unsustainable and had failed to serve their intended purposes.

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